Law Firm specializing in real estate trusts, real estate contracts, and real estate advising

Working With Us

Fiduciarial Empathy

We focus on personal, responsive service and are committed to our clients’ satisfaction. The law can be a brutal field and many hear horror stories of things that can happen to people who are unrepresented, under-represented, or improperly represented. Our first goal is always to make sure that you get the representation that is needed, whether that means using us, a different firm, or no firm at all with some proper education. We’ll do our best to make your needs our first priority. Our expertise can bring up uncomfortable issues, yet we believe that avoidance or guesswork only lead to problems in the future. While sensitive to difficulties some people experience, we strive to blend legal talent with compassion and care for our clients.

Proven Proficiency

While we may not always be the best firm, we often are, as we have years of established expertise in Elder law, estate planning, real estate, contracts, trusts, and related fields. These are complex processes dealing with many different legal issues and decisions of critical importance for individuals and families. We offer clear, knowledgeable, and responsive guidance to help develop plans that best suit your needs. We monitor legal, regulatory, and industry changes in order to craft documents to the highest standards.

Core Competencies

Every person, family, financial plan, situation, and contract is different. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions, yet we also are knowledgeable enough to take advantage of the best documents in existence. We listen to each client to offer a range of strategies to help them create a plan tailored to their specific circumstances and objectives.

Biographical Brilliance

We gather basic information about current circumstances and goals. We will suggest a Planning Session or Consultation, where clients should expect to spend up to 2 hours completing questionnaires, gathering necessary information, providing other ancillary details (ownership, investment goals, bank, investment, 401(k), IRA statements, IRA ownership, and anything else that may be germane to the issue at hand). We meet like to meet with clients regularly afterward to conduct a no-fee review of current circumstances.

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