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Working with Matthew West, LLC with trust investments

When investing, many will say, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago; he second best time is now.” Here is an investment method that we created, which has been quite successful!

What are Land Trusts?

  •  An anonymous form of ownership
  •  An easily filled and adjusted form of ownership
  •  A tax deferrable form of ownership
  •  A functional form of ownership

Why Land Trusts?

  •  We can make offers without knowing whom the investors will be, allowing ease of acquiring good property deals
  •  Protects the investor through legal requirements on attorney-trustee
  •  Guarantees availability to end-purchaser as speedily as is legally possible
  •  Allows investors the ability to enter with smaller down payment without leveraging

Advantages of real estate investments:

  •  Best hedge against inflation
  •  Tax advantages
  •  Potential Leveraging

Advantages of land trust method:

  •  Easy entry as a limited partner, such as investing $5,000 to own part of a land trust
  •  Limited financial liability— limited partners
  •  No management concerns

Advantage in Finding Properties

  •  Our real estate partners search and view properties with a lot of potential equity
  •  They are able to make CASH offers
  •  We can inspect property and attempt to get even BETTER deals by submitting estimates
  •  They have the luxury of waiting for good deals to be approved

Steps After Property is Chosen

  1.  Put together a trust for each property
       Determine amount to purchase
       Determine Repair Amount
       Account for potential budget mistakes
  2.  Fund the trust with Investors Money
  3.  Purchase the Property
  4.  Make Necessary Repairs
  5.  Market and Sell Property (with Partner)

What We Do For You

  •  Find Properties (with partners)
  •  Do All Legal Documentation
  •  Oversee the repairs
  •  Oversee the Marketing and Sale
  •  Give Options and Advice for profits and distribution